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  1. TrainerIV

    This is a simple trainer I made way back for iv for my use only originally and then I decided to share it for people to use it also in the hope it is useful to someone else as it is for me.
    Keybindings are simple:
    F5 - For Spawning Noose Vehicle
    F1 - to Change into the state trooper skin
    F6 - Blow your tires on your vehicle -- used only for testing it will not blow your cop car tires on purpose to prevent you accidentally blowing your tires it will blow any other vehicle's tires you are in though if you aren't in a copcar.
    Numpad9 - Fix Tires and Repair and Wash
    F3 - Clear Area
    F4 - Add your glock back to your weapons inventory in case it disappears for whatever reason. 
    F2 - change back to LCPD cop skin
    Never Gets Tired Never Wanted By Police Never Will Fly Through Windscreen Prevents Ragdoll - you will not ragdoll You are proof to everything(bullets, etc) You will never die on Low Health Invincibility You cannot be dragged out of vehicle You cannot be knocked off bike Infinite Ammo No Mad Drivers Disables the Max Ammo Limit Wanted Multiplier is set to 0 - eg no wanted level Your Current Vehicle is proof to everything too(bullets,etc) Your Vehicle(Current) cannot be damaged Your Vehicle(Current) cannot be visibly damaged Your Vehicle Tires Cannot be burst depending on whether you are in a cop car or not read above for instructions/explanation on that You are also proof to drowning since it wouldn't be a good trainer/god mode function without




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