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  • LSPDFR1033 By admin

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    This Plugin from the makers of ClearTheWayV comes as a whole new immersion into the game bridging real life police dispatch and LSPDFR dispatch closer together anyone who has ever listened to police dispatch radio knows the priority marker tone that this mod uses to make it more realistic including voice over's played over LSPDFR's dispatch radio saying "Attention All Units 10-33 Traffic" and after the "coast" is "clear" dispatch comes back over the LSPDFR radio and says "Attention All U
  • StopStickV By admin

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    This is a mod that allows you to stop pursuits early and it uses the latest rage plugin hook and here are the keybindings:  Changelog from my mods site:  About This File  MAJOR FIX: Fixed the issue with deploying strips during traffic stop when running name on computer  The Keybindings are:  I - Deploy fourway stop sticks for avenues only  T - Deploy twoway stop sticks for two lane roads only Delete Key - Delete the stop sticks that have been spawned(will work with both
  • TrainerIV By admin

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    This is a simple trainer I made way back for iv for my use only originally and then I decided to share it for people to use it also in the hope it is useful to someone else as it is for me. Keybindings are simple: F5 - For Spawning Noose Vehicle F1 - to Change into the state trooper skin F6 - Blow your tires on your vehicle -- used only for testing it will not blow your cop car tires on purpose to prevent you accidentally blowing your tires it will blow any other vehicle's ti
  • RageTrainerV By admin

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    RageTrainerV new EmergencyLighting Console Command to enable any vehicle to have emergency lights & sirens Requires RPH0.47+ to take advantage of and use the script now. hint it works on any vehicle including a PBUS like FBI2 style lighting & siren! And it works with ClearTheWayV! so any vehicle with the above command becomes instant Police Vehicle!   This is my trainerv port over to ragehook yes even though the one made with scripthookvdotnet still wor

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