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This is a simple script that is based on ragehook to make cars move over when only having your emergency lights running not your siren

no keys because it works as a standalone script what I basically mean is it doesn't need any user interaction it does everything by itself

I am trying to enhance the "default" without script behavior so the pullover behavior or "move over" behavior is improved because to be honest when I play the game every time I get to a crowded area in gta v I keep crashing into people because they don't move over correctly.

So I guess the gist of what I am trying to say is be respectful, don't say the obvious everyone knows this works without a script by default in gta v.

README/Install Instructions:

  • extract the dll file from the zip file using 7-zip or winrar or whatever
  • and then copy the dll file to your plugins folder
  • to here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\general\Grand Theft Auto V\plugins
  • and that is where you place the dll file to make this script work
  • If you have your game on any other drive replace the C:\ part with your drive you have the game on.

User Submitted Videos:


If any of you post a video review/or use my script in your video's please notify me about it and I will feature your videos here like I did for firstthirtyminutes.

Please do not re-upload, reverse engineer, modify, redistribute, or in any other way violate the copyright of this modification. DMCA Takedown Requests & actions will be taken if this is violated.

Do you have questions? Or do you need help with the script? Please make a comment, not a review for support and your question/support issue will be handled as soon as possible.

What's New in Version   See changelog



fixed some issues with pullover position.


updated the script to work with both when the sirens are silent and when they're not.


updated the script to make cars move over when you are running a pullover though it required using lspdfr's api to do that so the script must now be installed in gtav/plugins/lspdfr to allow it to access the api functions of lspdfr and more changes including making cars move over when you are stopped(your vehicle speed is 0) and your siren is silent.


updated the script to fix major bug fixes


updated the script to use latest ragehook 0.37


finally perfected the script to make sure when you have someone pulled over detected via LSPDFR's api the script still makes cars yield or "move over" for you.


Recompiled the mod/script to use 0.36 min for ragehook compatibility for people still using ragehook v 0.36 instead of 0.37 

And included both 0.36 & 0.37 compatible versions. 


I have fixed the script to include some of albo's feedback(the ini file for some reason didn't create itself so I will possibly have to work on that in the next version unless someone else can confirm it created on their machine and maybe it was a fluke on my machine that it didn't create itself on testing.)

Well I have included albo's feedback of making them move over to the opposite lane depending on which side the player(cop) is on either left or right

During testing it worked but for some reason using the rage.gotooffsetposition function it seems to make the AI also go to the position offset plus how the player(cop) vehicle is positioned as that lead to some crashes in the game testing it for one I am a horrible driver that could be one reason lol

Anyway now when you are doing a pullover and you are on foot you shouldn't be run over anymore either.

Other bug fixes/new features/etc that I don't remember right off hand I implemented or are hard to describe without being too technical.

Also included the original script(which some people say they liked better.)


Fixes the issue with everyone not moving over like they should during a traffic stop during your lights on etc.

Video will come tomorrow also the different download packages has been simplified by that I mean the script is compiled now with 0.36 ragehook version and should be compatible with 0.37,0.38 as well. 

Included is the ini file for settings.


This update fixes the issue where if you are on the left lane the traffic goes to the other left lane besides you they now should go to the right lane away from your left lane you're in this goes for the opposite/inverse as well if you are in the right line they will move over to the left lane.

As the issue with the cars going up in the air in the 1.0.9 demo video has been fixed and that video will be removed until a new video can be made to showcase the fixes in this new update.

Updated script to be built on ragehook v0.39 version

updated speed as requested(cannot remember who at the moment requested it.)

implemented my updatechecker function inside the script(though it appears not working at the moment further testing may be needed.)

Lots of changes including a complete rewrite of the script making it a custom lspdfr plugin to now more closely tie into lspdfr as a lspdfr plugin

Internal Changes as well if you have any crashes with the new version of the script it is most likely the DRM(Digital Rights Management) I made myself which is activated to check for beta keys when a file named this: "KeyClearTheWayV.txt" is in the same folder with the script if you have this in your folder with the script and you aren't a beta tester remove the aforementioned text file and you're crashing issues will go away as by design I made it crash when the key in that text file isn't valid & returned back invalid status by lcpdfr.com api to at least have some basic copy protection/DRM(Digital Rights Management) in the script which is very basic and doesn't do much like a typical DRM(Digital Rights Management) solution would do anyway. if you want to join the beta program and don't feel like donating which you don't have to anyway pm me/comment in the comments section and I will just give you a beta key/add you to the beta program.

Updated plugin to support RPH 0.40

Removed the DRM(Digital Rights Management) System since it has too much "side effects"

Hopefully fixed the crashing issue anyone that has issues with v1.0.0.15 download this version and tell me if it fixes your problems.

Hopefully fixed the crashing issue anyone that has issues with v1.0.0.16 download this version and tell me if it fixes your problems as everything was put back the way it was in v1.0.0.14 working.

Bugs have been patched and the script now works again.

Hopefully fixes the nullreference everyone is getting.

Updated to latest ragehook(0.42)

Patched to work with latest ragehook(0.45)

Other misc changes

Including fixing the pullover distance as requested by a user on here.

Had to hardcode the traffic stop function to enabled for now since I am still not getting the ini file to create where I want it at.

So now people will not try to run over you during traffic stops since that is what the traffic stop function does and since the ini file refuses to work I had to hardcode it to enabled for now sorry if it disappoints anyone that they cannot disable it.

Fixed the script to work better with Siren Mastery by Albo1125

Couldn't include the traffic stop function yet because it is too unstable still and don't like to release unstable code. GA Release:

Fixed Traffic Stop Function & Uploaded a video showing it.

Fixed bug with issues reported.

Removed Traffic Stop function for time being it just isn't ready for prime time yet. GA Release:

Fixed Traffic Stop function thanks to alexguire for his help in figuring out the method of doing this with

Fixed "Drunk Driving" Effect hopefully on the traffic stop function.

Bug Fixes & Other Misc Fixes/Features

This release has major changes in it to fix multiple issues reported by people though as it is a pre release mainly because I have not had time to test it myself so please note that when you file issues again in the comments section please add the version number you are reporting against.

Fixed/Disabled Traffic Stop Function for the time being.

New Update System

New Fixes/and more!

Fixed Accidental Console Spamming that was a accidental debug feature left in and has been removed if you have please delete it and download this version to resolve this issue please if you aren't on you aren't affected.

Big Vehicles like trucks,semi's etc are now moving over though not in the way you would have expected, they are now teleported to where they would move over to if gtav traffic AI for them wasn't so horrible(and it works great.)

Also the plugin has now been unbundled from LSPDFR once again so it runs as a completely separate ragepluginhook plugin instead now. since well the traffic stop AI functions didn't work out like was planned so ClearTheWayV was then removed from being a LSPDFR plugin back to being a standalone RPH(RagePluginHook) Plugin instead. Which means AI will move out of your way even without LSPDFR running once again. and remember standalone RPHplugins go inside your plugins folder NOT your plugins/LSPDFR folder.

Fixed Hopefully FPS issue have not noticed anymore fps issues during my own testing please comment in the comments section not reviews section please for anymore issues with fps.

Fixed update system.

Removed update system for now due to figuring out the entire day on the 21st of jan 2018 my isp internet was down the entire day and found out the update system doesn't check to see if active internet exists before checking for updates which then fails & crashes the script(which was unintended) though that has been resolved by removing the update system until it can be fixed & patched to not do that.

Fixed and Updated both the RagePluginHook Version(0.4.1) and also made it compatible with latest LSPDFR(0.4.1)

Fixed and Updated both the RagePluginHook Version(0.6.7) and also made it compatible with latest LSPDFR(0.4.3)

Updates to include making it work with latest LSPDFR(0.4.7) and also latest ragepluginhook(1.78)

Update to include fault tolerance inside the update check system to ensure if the server hosting the XML File for checking for updates ever goes down, it does not crash the script.

Completely Removes Update System for now until it can be fixed.

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