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new EmergencyLighting Console Command to enable any vehicle to have emergency lights & sirens Requires RPH0.47+ to take advantage of and use the script now.

hint it works on any vehicle including a PBUS like FBI2 style lighting & siren!

And it works with ClearTheWayV! so any vehicle with the above command becomes instant Police Vehicle!


This is my trainerv port over to ragehook yes even though the one made with scripthookvdotnet still works some like apparently ragehook trainers.

This has been one of my projects that has been shelfed right when I started working on my scripthookvdotnet version due to waiting for ragehook to mature in its abilities to the point it is now so without further talking let me explain the new features/changes in this portover

This RageTrainerV version supports giving you flashlights yay! so now when you go on duty or any character in the game you will be gifted a flashlight by this trainer automatically if you don't already have one.

This trainer has alot of differences then its scripthookvdotnet version

it now has the majority of the spawn commands & hazards commands in the ragehook console as console commands

The only keybindings in this rage portover is:

F10 - Teleport

F3 - Repair & Fix(Changed to F3 in latest version 1.0.7 older versions used F5 instead)

KeyDown - Clear Area

; Left & Right Blinker

And those are all the keybindings the rest are rage console commands


  • Makes player wanted level 0(on every tick of the script) 
  • Accuracy = 100 
  • Never dies on low health 
  • Armor = 100(on every tick of the script) 
  • Cannot be dragged out of vehicle 
  • Cannot be kicked off bike 
  • Cannot Ragdoll 
  • Makes your character/player invincible 
  • Adds 500000000 cash to your characters money on every tick of the script 
  • Clears Blood Damage(on every tick of the script) 
  • Reset Visible Damage(on every tick of the script) 
  • Sets you cannot suffer critical hits 
  • Cannot be Targeted = True 
  • Dies Instantly in Water = False 
  • Drowns in Sinking Vehicle = False 
  • Drowns in Water = False 
  • Game.WantedMultiplyer = 0 
  • Sets current player's vehicle to have no alarm(turns the alarm off and sets the vehicle to have no alarm) 
  • Set current player's vehicle to have interior light on 
  • Sets current player's vehicle to not wanted 
  • Sets current player's vehicle to not stolen 
  • Sets current player's vehicle to be invincible 
  • Sets current player's vehicle to not need to be hot wired 
  • Sets current player's vehicle's dirtlevel to 0 on every tick of the script if in vehicle 
  • Makes player's current vehicle persistent 
  • Places your vehicle back on all wheels if it crashed or something 
  • blinker system where it acts realistically like how a real car's blinkers work <-- This Works now!(V1.0.7 and up)
  • This Trainer makes your vehicle's top speed 200 so you can go extremely fast so you can catch those suspects faster. 
  • Sets Vehicle no visual damage
  • Sets unlimited/infinite ammo
  • Sets player invincible to anything
  • Set player's vehicle cannot have tires popped.
  • Set player's vehicle wheels cannot break
  • Sets player's vehicle invincible to anything.  

For example how normal(real) cars will turn off the blinker automatically when you turn the steering wheel at a 45 degree angle

Install Instructions:

Please look for a "Plugins" folder in your gta v root folder and if this "Plugins" folder doesn't exist(it should since this is where lspdfr is also installed) create it in your root gta v folder and then place the dll file from this download in the "Plugins" folder.

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